Corten steel plant rings , how it make gardening easy and beautiful

What are corten steel plant rings?

Plant rings, tree rings, or garden rings are pre-rolled or pre-formed solid shapes designed to provide edge resistance. The purpose of garden plant rings is to allow young trees, plants, and shrubs to become established while protecting them from any damage they can get from things from the garden surface, like from mowing.

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Corten steel plant rings for robot lawn mowers

Benefits of plant rings

- Protects the planting

Plant rings protect plants from any collision. If a robotic lawnmower bumps into the newly planted tree, it can damage the whole plant or cause trimming. It can result in poor growth, or it can die. 

Furthermore, if you want to place an irrigation bag wrapped around the tree, you can easily fit it in the ring, and the ring will protect it too the same way it protects the plant.  

- No loop signal hassle

To reduce the workload and get leisure time, you must have opted for a robotic lawnmower. Now when it’s time for new planting, you realize that there needs to relay the boundary wire; otherwise robotic lawnmower does not get the loop signal and will bump into the plant. 

The solution is our plant ring. Its extended edges will be a natural stop for the robotic lawnmower.

- Avoids soil compaction

A fantastic benefit is that plant rings avoid soil compaction around the tree base or roots because this soil will remain protected from stress/pressure or any harm. It will lead to the plant’s healthier growth. 

- Avoids weeds

After plant ring installation, the distance between the grass surface will be broad. It will keep the weeds away. Therefore, there will be nothing that can absorb the nutrients that should go to the tree to flourish.  

- Make gardening maintenace easy

No weeds, no soil compaction, and no loop signal hassle will make the gardening easy and keep it looking clean.

Corten steel plant rings to protect trees and plants

Information about corten steel plant rings

This steel has a smooth oxidizing surface that is naturally red. It is often used material around plants because it is entirely safe. Above all, corten steel is an effortless way to create contrast in the garden that looks eye-catching. It is considered the most durable that lasts a life long. Moreover, it does not require specific maintenance. Only clean the surface with a cloth without using any detergent and look for any changes only one to two times a year.

The corten steel plant rings are the best as corten steel has a natural reddish color which ensures that paint will not be chipped off and you will have rusty metal. Also, it’s hard for corten steel to catch rust. 

When to plant in garden rings

Garden plant rings are best, but when you know the right time or season to plant the trees then these will flourish fully. 

Usually, it is the late summer and springtime to plant fruit trees, shrubs, etc. However, in early autumn, when it does not get cold, the air has maximum moisture, and the soil is warmer, which helps the plant establish itself properly by having stronger roots. 

Knowing the best time to grow a plant will fully benefit the plant by protecting its growth in the growing season.

How to install garden rings for plants?

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Step 1: Mark out and cut

Place the pieces of plant ring around the tree base in a manner like when it would be assembled and installed, while the teeth of it face up. It will determine the area that needs to be excavated. Then use a knife to mark that area.  

Step 2: Excavate

Now dig out the marked area. Make sure you don’t dig too deep that it cut the roots. Remove excess turf and soil. Reserve some turf if you need to backfill later. 

Step 3: Assembling and install

Now place the corten steel plant ring pieces around the tree base, and assemble them with nuts and bolts supplied in the packaging. When you have positioned it in a marked place, tap it down. The plant ring’s base should be enough high where soil and grass meet.

Now hammer it down while having wood block between. This way, you can avoid damaging your new plant ring. When you are hammering one piece of plant ring down, putting pressure with your foot on its one side will help you install faster.   

Step 4: Finishing

This is an optional step. Some people find it tidy and clean, having bark mulch around the tree. So, you can also put bark mulch inside the plant ring.

Corten steel plant rings makes garden ardening easy and beautiful

Where to purchase The Best Garden Plant Rings? Only from TrädgårdSmart!

You will only get lasting benefits from plant rings if they are of high quality and original material. And you can trust us for that we have positive praising reviews about our service and products. 

Our garden plant ring is best because it is of corten steel A588. Therefore, it has a higher zinc level. When acid, chemicals, or oxygen attack metal, the higher zinc level responds to it and protects the metal from rust and damage. That’s why our original corten steel plant ring lasts life long with the least maintenance.

Moreover, we have made our online payment method secure, fast, and easy to understand. Visit our shop to order and to see the specification of our corten steel plant ring.

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