Professional weed control service, environmental friendly

Are you one of those who want to control or clean weeds, moss, or algae? Among different ways for weed control, you must opt for environmental-friendly weed control. Getting a weed control service from experts can make your day less tedious and remove all kinds of vegetation.

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Weed control service

Robert serves you with his weed control service in Stockholm and Uppsala area. Please keep in mind that it can be difficult to get hold of Robert during the high season. Feel free to book an appointment directly.

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Organic weed control


Simply you can say, a plant at the wrong place is a weed. It can be at the sidewalks or playground etc. that means to grow from paving stones. Vegetation like weeds are useless for a particular situation.

Weeds control

Weeding control is a process to kill the weeds from the roots to stop their further growth. Also, controlling weeds includes destroying the vegetation, moss, and algae that grow through paving stones.

Why weed control necessary?

Weed control or weeding is the process to kill weeds. It will take over the area when they grow unchecked. Because these are aggressive and invasive plants. Weeds take nutrients from the soil.

In any house, weeds can grow in the foundation, concrete and cracked pavement, and within stones. Moreover, it can damage your building and invite kinds of insects. So, it is best to kill the weed properly so it can not grow back.

Can you weed control by yourself?

Sometimes people choose to kill the weeds by themselves. For this, it takes a lot of your time in which you try multiple processes. In other words, there may be the chance it grows back, and trying different processes damage your floor.

So, get ready you pick a professional service that can clean out any vegetation like weeds, moss, or algae.

Weeds cleaning with the environmental-friendly service

Vegetation control or cleaning is best when done with an environmentally- friendly process. So, livings stay protected on the earth.


It is a technique to kill weeds. The process  uses foam and hot water for weeding. Foamstream from Weedingtech is approved for organic use because it is biodegradable and environmentally friendly. Let’s look at the general meanings of that.

Biodegradable means “capable of being decomposed by biological activity, especially by microorganisms”. Because the foam is made up of a mixture of natural oils and sugar and can be used on all surfaces in all weather.

Environment-friendly means, humans, and animals stay protected.

It sounds so fascinating to do it to clean the land, but the process can be dangerous because it is done by a specific machine named FoamStream L12. So, it should be operated by an expert like Robert to clean the land from vegetation.

Street furniture cleaning sanitisation

Can you trust Foamstream?

The first thing that comes to mind. Can organic weed control kill the weed completely?

The answer is yes. This Foamstream technique is efficient for this. As you have read above, Foamstream uses hot water and foam. When the temperature is above 57 degrees plants die.

In addition, our professionals pour foam including water through Lance attached to the machine on the plant. The foam remains on it and the plant starts dying then it penetrates the ground and kills roots.

Above all, this is an only environmentally-friendly process that works efficiently from leaf to root for weeding all kinds of vegetation.

What is the best time for vegetation and weed removal?

We are telling you the best time to remove weed, moss, and algae cleaning from the floor, not soil. We are providing services according to that.

Cleaning and sanitation are recommended throughout the year from January to December. The same process also goes for algae and moss control. On the other hand, all vegetation and weed removal recommended from March to October.

Weedingtech Foamstream machinery used for commercial weed control

Do we clean weeds from your surface?

Not only your land will be cleansed from, but we also thoroughly sanitize and clean it. We provide organic weed control on hard surfaces like playgrounds with gravel surfaces, paving, sidewalks, courtyards, garage driveways, cobblestones, gravel passages, and also on parking spaces.

Weeds need two to three treatments annually to retain the clean surface.

How many treatments moss and algae need to destroy?

As you know, moss spreads its growth on top of the surface or plant. So, moss or algae needs only one treatment to destroy.

To clarify, for this process, the Foamstream technique is used in which foam is applied on the surface or plant (weeds) with moss or algae that destroys the moss and discourages its regrowth.

You can say it is as effective as using pesticides, but it is an organic way that saves any type of environmental harm.

To kill your moss or algae in one annual treatment, book an appointment today .

Cleaning and sanitation with Foamstream

As you have read above, we kill weeds, moss, and algae but also thoroughly clean and sanitize your surface. Then the question arises how we do it and on which surfaces? How effective is that?

We do cleaning and sanitation on the surfaces where we remove weeds, for example, playgrounds and all hard surfaces, and also free them from sticking stuff like chewing gum.

Our professional Robert does it with hot water and foam that retains on the surface and removes the dirt thoroughly. All this is done with low pressure so that the surface does not get damaged, this better than a local high-pressure cleaning.

Why choose organic weed control

Foamstream is an organic and also environmentally friendly process. Above all, what are other advantages that attract people to opt for it? Here are some:

What does the whole Foamstream process include?

Benefits of hiring a professional

Hiring a professional for weed control does not damage your surface. Also, the experts will not hurt the environment by using different acids or pesticides, if you choose us, others may be using environmentally harmful substances. Therefore, work done by an expert like Robert ensures that the weeds, moss, or algae will not grow again on the surface.

Why choose us?

There are many companies providing services in Stockholm and Uppsala then why choose us. Here is the answer.


We are TrädgårdSmart. Our professionals are certified to give the service they are providing to make the desired results come true. The website is a certified E handle for e-commerce. It saves your data safely and securely when you purchase or connect us by giving info.

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Sometimes people are hesitant because they do not know the terminologies to get the services. Do not worry. You can call us and tell us your thoughts. We will give you the best service.

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Give you a quote before work

Like everyone you must want to know the quote before the professional starts working. So, that you can easily manage the expenses without giving extra charges for the same work at the end. Therefore, stay calm, we give you a quote in advance.


When you get the quote in advance you will know that prices are affordable according to the service you are getting.

Easy booking process

If you are new to booking service for weed control, it is so easy here. Just follow some steps and we are getting ready to give you the best service. Choose the service you want; advice or weeding. Pick the desired date and time. Enter contact details.

We serve everyone

Whether you are an individual, company, or authority, we provide services to everyone. So, why wait.
Weed control service in Stockholm and Uppsala

Environmentally friendly weed removal in Stockholm and Uppsala

Contact Robert, you can get all the above-listed advantages in the weed control service. Other than that Robert believes in good communication and customer satisfaction. So, he visits your site in Stockholm and Uppsala while telling his equipment working and the price estimation. Above all, you can conveniently tell what results from you are expecting from organic weed removal.

Conclusion - weed control service

Among different ways of weed control, we offer an organic weed control service. This is environmentally friendly; we can do it when the human or animal is present in the surrounding. The technique we use is Foamstream that foam and hot water to remove weeds, moss, and algae. As a result, you, your environment, and your surfaces remain safe and beautiful.

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