Lawn restoration service best practices

Lawn restoration service best practices

Does your lawn’s grass color start fading or completely dried out? It’s because the best practices for lawn renovation do not apply on time. It’s never too late. You can renovate it as you dream it. Here in this article, you will know how to restore a lawn full of moss, the lawn restorer properties, and the best lawn restoration service.

Svenska versionen: Renovering av gräsmatta

Lawn restoration service

Robert serves you with his lawn restoration service in Stockholm and Uppsala area. Please keep in mind that it can be difficult to get hold of Robert during the high season. Feel free to book an appointment directly.

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Before and after lawn renovation service

Table of content - Lawn restoration service

Lawn restoration service step by step process

Whether you do not have time to maintain your lawn and it now lacks nutrients to grow. Do not worry; here is the whole process of restoring the lawn of moss; lawn looks bumpy or uneven, or there are widely spaced patches of grass.

We recommend lawn treatment to transform your lawn instead of replacing the lawn. Because replacing the lawn needs tons of soil to be laid out at least 20 cm deep. It is going to be costly and time-consuming.

We offer environment-friendly lawn treatment for having a green lawn. Here are the lawn care expert steps:


It is what to do first when transforming your lawn area. You can call the best lawn restorer like Robert from Trädgårdsmart.

"GräsmatteBoost" for the lawn

To get the best results of lawn renovation, you must fertilize the lawn before any process. It helps to transform your lawn quickly, and vegetation starts in the lawn area faster after renovation.
Before and after lawn renovation service

We fertilize your lawn with our special lawn cocktail. Also, we use it according to the season for lawn treatment. A lawn cocktail is necessary because it contains a rightly balanced mixture of liquid fertilizer containing minerals and essential nutrients that grass needs to grow. We have lawn cocktails for spring, summer, and autumn. Follow the link to find more on the GräsmatteBoosts season’s mix.

Clean up the lawn

Garden machinery used in lawn restoration service needs a wide free passage to move to give the best results. So, any obstacles such as piles with boards, boat trailers, stone piles, and stumps need to be cleaned. We can help you get rid of the stump with our stump removal service with stump grinding.

Cut the grass short

The day you want to have renovation service, cut the grass short. Or, if you have a robotic lawnmower, set it to the lowest cutting height. Short grass will help garden machinery to work efficiently.

Checklist of other things before renovating the lawn

  • Clear the lawn of branches, toys, and other objects that can be a hurdle in the way of renovation
  • Cut hedges, shrubs, and low-lying tree branches on, for example, fruit trees
Lawn restoration service best practices

Remove weeds from the lawn

After preparation, we start lawn renovation by removing weeds. You can remove weeds by yourself with the help of Fiskars Xact weed catcher. You can use it to remove weeds along with the roots when the grass is a little longer. It would be best to weed-free your lawn before the best lawn restorer comes to your door.

If there are weeds on paving and garage driveways, then we can help you with our environmentally friendly weed-free process.

Moss control and aeration with vertical cutting

This process completes with a vertical cutter. It aerates (supply oxygen) the roots, removes dead roots, weeds and moss. It is how you can restore a lawn full of moss. Vertical cutting of the lawn makes small cuts (0-15 mm) into the soil to separate and prune some grassroots.

It makes the lawn area well-drained. It means the nutrients and minerals penetrate much better down to the roots. This process helps the denser growth of the green lawn.

Moss control and aeration with vertical cutting

Hole pipe aeration of the lawn (Aeration)

We make 7.5cm deep holes to increase the nutrients and minerals’ aeration and absorption. Also, it depends on soil properties, either to make the holes in the soil or not. For example, muddy soil is opting to make holes in it. On the other hand, more porous soils are aerated with solid pipes.

It is an essential step in the lawn restoration service to improve oxygenation and supply nutrients.

Raking the lawn and collecting garden waste (Scarification)

After vertical cutting and hole pipe ventilation, we collect all the garden waste. This process completes with raking manually. After this, your lawn will be free of weed, moss, and dead grass. We do this because a ragged lawn can better assimilate manure and facilitate the lawn’s top dressing to become a flat surface.

Raking the lawn and collecting garden waste

Fertilizing the lawn

This step includes chemical fertilization of the lawn. We use high-quality products. It will ensure that your lawn gets all the nutrients to grow a greener lawn. Our fertilization is of the golf course and football pitches standards.

We fertilize the lawn after vertical cutting, hole pipe aeration, and raking so that fertilization can fully penetrate the garden. We offer both solid and liquid fertilizer. Therefore, for solid fertilizer, we use trolly to spread it evenly in the whole garden. On the other hand, we use a trolly equipped with a battery that can spray 1.5 meters wide spray for liquid fertilizer.

This lawn treatment step ensures the lawn’s healthy and dense growth and increases microflora to keep the soil hydrated.

Sowing of newly renovated and previously established lawn (over-seeding)

We support dried-out patches of the lawn and also sow them depending on the depth of the soil layer. We use a grass seed mixture that is completely adapted for your lawn area because the grass seed composition depends on access to the sunlight, soil condition, and soil quality.

Of course, the grass seeds are laid out with a seed drill to spread the grass seeds. Drip spreaders guarantee that the grass seeds are evenly distributed over the entire grass surface.

Seed drill to spread the grass seeds

Organic fertilizer with a top dressing

It is a most critical step that takes your lawn towards the end of the renovation. We do this process before the last support of sowing.

A top-dressed lawn improves a worn lawn and protects exposed parts of the lawn. As a result, the dressing makes it easier for the lawn to retain moisture and absorb the manure’s nutrients.

The K-dress (finely ground soil mixture for the care of grass surfaces) that we use is an easy-to-work peat and sand mixture that is excellent for rejuvenating already established grass surfaces. With the K-dress, we can thus simultaneously whitewash, fertilize and soil the lawn. However, the top-dress does not add as many nutrients as fertilizer but restores the soil’s humus content.

Using dressing soil is very suitable when restoring your lawn. It can do minor repairs and also smooth out rigidities with the help of a lawn leveling rake (dressraka in Swedish). The uneven lawn needs top dressing several times.

Not only one-time top dressing, but you must also have our lawn restoration service for top dressing in spring and autumn. So, to keep your lawn’s soil hydrated, we recommend top dressing every 3-4 years to keep the soil hydrated.

Rolling with grid rolling

After laying out K-dress, we do grid rolling. The last step of lawn renovation makes the grass seed grass seeds come into better contact.

Before and after lawn restoration service

Irrigation of renovated lawn

It is vital after lawn renovation service that your lawn’s soil keep moist during the first four weeks. For this, it should be watered four to five times a day without and continue this process until you see small grass growing. It will take up your energy and time for a month. The grass will grow 8 cm after four weeks. Therefore, we recommend renting or buying an automatic irrigation system. We offer rent of the irrigation system.

Before and after lawn restoration service-in Stockholm
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Thanks to Robert & team for a great lawn renovation. It's a completely different lawn now!

Why TrädgårdSmart for lawn renovation service?

We believe our experts like Robert are unique in having the most comprehensive range of specialist equipment and expertise to carry out essential methods of lawn renovation. With all the knowledge we also have, our suppliers’ full support makes us a leading player in this industry.

Most lawn renovations include scarifying, aeration, over-seeding, and top dressing (as described above) are best carried out between mid-August and early October, with lighter renovations carried out during the spring.
Book free site inspection for lawn renovation to get a quote before working.

Lawn care expert schedule

Here is the schedule to follow throughout the year after renovation:

Nutrients that need to be balanced to grow greener and healthier lawn are listed here. Phosphorus, Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium, Nitrogen, Sulfur, Manganese, Copper, Zinc, pH, T-value, and also Base saturation degree

Deficiency of any of this can make your grass dead, or excessive can make it pale. Follow the link to find more.

Therefore, to keep your lawn lush green, call us to renovate your lawn. Moreover, we do ‘scarifying,’ aeration, over-seeding, and top dressing according to the soil type.