Professional robot lawn mower installation and consultation service

What is robot lawn mower installation for you? Have you been paying enough money to landscapers to make your lawn’s grass look like emerald carpet? Estimate that cost; it will be much higher than having a lawnmower service. Getting the right consultation and installation of a robotic lawn mower can make a huge difference in your one or two-year savings.

Robot lawn mower service

Robert serves you with his consultation, sales, robot mower installation and service in Stockholm and Uppsala area. Please keep in mind that it can be difficult to get hold of Robert during the high season. Feel free to book an appointment of robot lawn mower installation directly.

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In Swedish: Installation av robotgräsklippare

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Robot lawn mower installation and consultation service Stockholm Uppsala

What to consider before buying a lawnmower?

When you can make the lawn of your desire at a low cost, then you must want to buy a lawnmower, but before that, here are some points to consider. Let’s look at those.

Grass surface

Calculate the grass surface, not the plot. You can calculate this by subtracting the area that does not need to mow, for example, the house’s base plate and other buildings, flower beds, pools, paving, patios, and other surfaces.

Therefore, you must buy a robotic lawn mower with a high capacity to cut your grass evenly on the whole area by staying less distributed. Otherwise, your grass will unevenly cut.

So, it would help if you bought a lawnmower that’s capacity is twice higher than the plot grass surface. For example, if your grass surface is 500 m2, choose a robot with a capacity of 1,000 m2.

Garden Design

If your garden has irregular flower beds, narrow passages, and several cutting surfaces and areas, then it needs to be partially mowed. For this purpose, our expert Robert will do this by using a boundary wire to the robotic lawnmower. It will be installed in or on the ground

The cable’s laying edge establishes the working area of the robotic lawnmower as it receives a signal as an invisible fence, so it does not come out from boundary wire. As a result, it makes the process easy and ensures that the robot arrives for the charging at the base station.


A connection between two lawns is called a passage that a robotic lawn mower must pass through. If there is a narrow passage, then the robotic lawn mower can not come out without getting stuck. For example, Husqvarna Automowers need a guide cable and a 1,3-meter width passage. While the other does not use any guide cable, instead of edge cable, 1,5-meter like Robomow, 60 cm AL-KO.

We recommend installing edge cables 30 centimeters apart so that cables can not cancel each other signals and the robotic lawn mower can feel the limitation.

You can check the installation instructions of the manufacturer. If you need any help to find the best robot for your surface and passages, then book a free site inspection now.

Distance between Islands

In your lawn areas where you do not want your mower to enter, you need to create the islands with boundary wire. The locations can be flower beds, shrubs, sensitive trees, garden land, and areas. The island prevents the robotic lawnmower from entering the screened place. Therefore, there must be a reasonable distance between islands. If the space is narrow, the robot will drive out of the restricted area. Also, if the boundary wire is so close to each other, then the robot will not register as a signal and passes by.

Instead of making several islands closely, opt to make a large one. Otherwise, your mower can get stuck. So, check the lawnmower width before buying. Or you can also invite us for a site inspection to suggest the best lawn mower while considering islands.


Before buying or having a robotic lawn mowing service, check that the robot lawnmower has a collision or crash sensor.

When a robot with a collision sensor hits something, it stops and changes the direction. Robots with collision sensors can handle gentle bumps, trees, and walls. Also, robots with crash sensors change the direction before hitting something. So, there is no need to fence the hurdles with boundary wire.

If there is any stump or visible roots, the robot will cross over it, and the cutting blades will get damaged.

Our expert Robert helps customers in removing stumps and roots with stump grinder in Stockholm and Uppsala.

Uneven lawn

If your lawn is uneven, it has high stones, pits, or a bumpy surface; the robotic lawn mower gets stuck. Before grasping the robot lawn mower installation, make the ground even by putting the sand or soil to fill pits or make the bumps gentle. To avoid the robot stuck at a bump, try increasing the cutting height. You can also choose a robot with big wheels with a larger space between them than others. If your lawn already has a slope, and you are unsure, the lawnmower can easily pass on it. Find our free advice.

You can also fill the stone with sand or soil to make a slope, but it will reappear over time.

So, why not renovate your lawn before the robotic lawn mowing service.

Charging location

Spot a charging location before buying a robotic lawn mower for easy access of the robot to find its charging place without losing signals.

If it is not easy for you, book a free inspection, and Robert will tell you the perfect charging place where the mower gets back after mowing the whole lawn.

User friendly

You can use the robotic lawnmower in the default setting. But people like to make the setting of their own choice. For this purpose, you can buy a lawnmower that allows you to do more personal settings. So, you will be able to mow your lawn when you are outside, pause the mowing when necessary, or choose the time of cutting according to your family schedule. You can communicate with the robot via Bluetooth, WIFI, or a built-in SIM card.

Professional installation of robotic lawnmowers

With the hundreds of robot lawn mower installations every season, Robert from TrädgårdSmart can satisfy you by removing the stump and installing a robotic lawnmower.

We help you with the installation of robot’ boundary wire and robotic lawnmower. If you already bought the robot or have an idea of how you want your installation.

Installation of motor-driven AutoCable

When installing the boundary cable, we get it down a bit about 5cm where possible. It makes Robert’s service unique among others. Our motorized cable-layers from AutoCable are used when installing the robotic lawn mower’s edge cable and guide cable for some models.

We protect the cable in-ground and update the security cable for safer operation. Hidden cables look clean, and there is no risk of tripping. Robert has done thousands of completed installations.

After the installation of the boundary wire, we connect the charging station. Also, it ensures that the robot is correctly installed and finds the way to mow your lawn as desired.

Another unique advantage of our service is we provide edge cable readjustment in cases where we have followed the manufacturer’s recommendations and instructions.

Things to consider before the installation of a robot lawnmower?

Before we do the installation of a robot lawnmower, there are some things to do to have the best result.

  • Make sure the grass is not too long. Otherwise, it is hard to see if the cable is properly in the ground or not 
  • We do not cut the grass
  • Consider removing shrubs and hedges to draw the restricted area correctly
  • There must not be any stumps to avoid lawn mower breakage
  • In your lawn, there must be a 220V grounded outlet
  • There must be a one-meter free passage around the outer edges of the lawn
  • You can book an appointment to remove hedges, shrubs, and stumps to ensure proper mowing

Service and winter storage of robotic lawnmowers

TrädgårdSmart’s Robert provides these services during wintertime by following the winter storage program.

We store and services robot lawnmower of these brands:

  • Robomow
  • Solo by AL-KO
  • Husqvarna Automower
  • Gardena
  • Honda Miimo

During cleaning and service, we cleanse the robotic lawn mower inside out with lubricant and wax coating. Also, we check the safety and lawnmower’s blade

If the newer version is available, we also update the lawn mower’s software.

We maintain the battery in your robotic lawnmower during the winter and ensure it is in stable condition. When the season starts, the robot is fully ready to mow your lawn.

When spring comes, your robotic lawnmower is fully charged for a new mowing season!

Robot for the winter hotel:

Among the brands that have checked in to our winter hotel are Robomow, Husqvarna Automower, Gardena and AL-KO.

Your robotic lawn mower is kept in a dry and heated environment in the winter hotel, which is optimal for avoiding rust. It guarantees a long life for your robotic lawnmower.

Services that Robert offers:

With all the professional installation of robotic lawnmowers, Robert offers extra services. Such as troubleshooting the ‘no loop signal’ problem to feel their customer relaxed. Let’s look at those points that make his services unique.

  • Troubleshooting the boundary wire
  • Help with cable breakage of a robotic lawnmower.

Why does 'No loop signal' happen?

  • Physical damage to the boundary wire
  • Quality problems on joints and edge cable
  • Cut edge cable
  • Do-it-yourself installations

Troubleshooting boundary wire?

If you are thinking of troubleshooting boundary wire yourself, you can do this via manufacturer tips on finding the cable breaks. But this can be: Very time consuming It leads to even more joints than necessary. Now, you do not need to dig up your lawn to find breaks. Hire Robert from TrädgårdSmart, who has advanced equipment to find the cable breaks quickly and easily.

On which surfaces we can find cable breaks?

With our professional cable detector, not only cable breaks, but we can also find short circuit through: Underground Walls Concrete

Prevention of cable breaks in the future:

When Robert visits the site to troubleshoot the boundary wire, he gives you an overview of the previous installation. With that, he also gives you tips to avoid getting messages of ‘no loop signal’ from the robot. We provide robot lawnmower consultation because we care for our customers.

Free of cost services from Robert

Professional advice on robotic lawnmowers

When you are unsure about which robotic lawn mower to buy, you can quickly get a robot lawnmower consultation. Robert from TrädgårdSmart will share knowledge to make your purchase safe.

Free site inspection

For making your large investment safe, it is best to get a consultation before the installation of a robot lawnmower. According to our previous experience, 4 out of 10 customers have chosen the wrong robots who do not get personal advice at home.

Fee demonstration

We are happy to demonstrate a Robomow or Robolinho at your home in your garden. You will then see how incredibly well a robotic lawnmower works. We mediate other brands if you prefer it, such as Husqvarna Automower via our partner Skarholmens Trädgårdsmaskiner.

Can you buy a robot lawnmower from TrädgårdSmart?

You can, plus the free professional advice, free site inspection, and free demonstration to give you peace of mind.

TrädgårdSmart is an authorized dealer of Robomow robotic lawnmowers and Solo by AL-KO. We only sell Robomow’s premium models and the robotic lawnmower solo by AL-KO Robolinho. Premium customers get much better technical support and more personal service.

Make an appointment for advice on robotic lawnmowers.

Extra unique benefits of hiring an expert from TrädgårdSmart

Robert from TrädgårdSmart offers you a wide range of cable qualities of guide cable and boundary cable to choose from them. It makes our services unique in Stockholm and Uppsala to avoid cable breakage and risks.

TrädgårdSmart’s cable range:

  • “Do it yourself.”
  • Standard cable
  • Premium cable
  • Security cable
  • Double jacketed
  • Tripple jacketed
  • Click here to find more. You can advise the cable that best suits your lawn or get advice from us when we do a site visit.

Why hire an expert from TrädgårdSmart?

Our expert, Robert, provides the unique reasons:

  1. You will get technical telephone support.
  2. We will provide edge cable readjustment.
  3. We do cleaning, service, review of wear parts, software update, and service protocol.
  4. You will get a quote before working.
  5. Advice and consultation on the first installation of the robotic lawn mower as well as on cable reinstall
  6. With all these services, we are authorized dealers of the robot lawnmower. In other words, you can buy from TrädgårdSmart and handover all processes to us for exceptional results.
  7. Besides a free site visit and professional advice, we give you a free demonstration of the robot lawnmower.
  8. We also provide a range of quality cables to choose the best for your lawn.
Robot lawn mower installation