Stump removal with stump grinding service, easy and fast

Stump removal with stump grinding service for removing the stump to make the land plain. Or are you thinking about doing it yourself? It is going to be laborious, time-consuming, and costly. On the other hand, stump removal is easy when you get a professional stump grinding removal service. Then this work is going to be fast, easy, and low cost for you.

Svenska versionen: Ta bort stubbar med stubbfräsning.

Stump grinding service

Robert serves you with his stump grinding service in Stockholm and Uppsala area. Please keep in mind that it can be difficult to get hold of Robert during the high season. Feel free to book an appointment directly.

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stump removal

Stump removal

A stump is the part of the tree that stays in your ground when the tree is cut. It makes your land uneven and useless.

Why is stump removal necessary?

Stump removal is necessary because the remaining part of a tree in the ground can spread decay, grow fungi and invite unwanted species into the yard. So, get ready to pick the best stump removal service. You can easily contact us to provide service in Sweden, Stockholm, and the Uppsala area.

Can you remove a stump by yourself?

Yes, you can, read our guide in Swedish, ta bort stubbar själv. Use a chain saw or bow saw to cut the stump as close as you can, to the ground. Never strike your equipment to the ground. Whether you are starting with all the precautions, but the process will dull your equipment. In other words, it is costly without getting the desired result.

So, you can rent a stump cutter to have sharp equipment at a low cost. Next, the stump grinding process can remove the stump from your ground too.

How much is stump removal?

That is the very main question that comes to anyone’s mind. How deep should the stump remove? What will be the cost? Let’s find some general answers. 

So, usually, the stump goes down six inches from the ground level. After grinding it will naturally decay. Its removal cost depends on various factors, the main is the diameter of the stump.

stump removal with stump grinding service Stockholm Uppsala

Stump grinding

Stump removal is efficient with stump grinding. This process is best to remove unwanted worries of households and make your land healthy.

For this, you just need to hire a professional that has licenses to carry the stump removal and stump grinding machinery. We make your quest easy, Robert and Tomas are here with a chainsaw driver’s license with licenses A and B. Robert also has a license for E and a clear-saw driver’s license.

Stump removal with stump grinding

Stump grinding is done through grinders that are the size of a lawnmower or a truck. It has a high-speed disk with teeth that grinds the roots into the small chips. These chips can also be used for mulching.

Benefits of hiring a professional

Hiring a professional not only brings the desired results but also does it fastly. This can not only save you to tolerate rigid sounds for days but give you time to concentrate on your house chores. The main thing is you are not risking yourself.
Before Stump removal with stump grinding
Before stump removal with a stump grinder
After Stump removal with stump grinding
After stump removal with a stump grinder

Can you leave the stump as it is?

You should not leave a stump on the ground. It can cause some obvious or non-obvious problems. Let’s have a look at them.

It takes the nutrients of other plants

Whether the tree is cut down, but the roots are in the ground. It means these are taking nutrients from the soil without any need. Whether other plants need it to grow properly.

Can cause damage

Removing the stump will make your place safe from any accidents. It becomes safe to play for children and avoids any fall accidents. Also, it can cause damage to lawnmowers.

Home for pests

Stumps are the ideal home for pests or insects. That can harm your plants and make your garden not a desirable place to relax. So, stump removal with stump grinding is the best choice.
stump removal for get rid of pests

Kill other plants

Cause damage

Looks bad

Kill your robot

Stump Grinding or Stump removal?

You have read about stump grinding and stump removal. Now, read about their judgment to choose the best.

- Process

Stump grinding is done through the grinder. It grinds enough to flat the ground and leave small roots that will decompose with time. While stump removal is the process to remove roots from the ground and can leave your ground bumpy.

- Effort

Removing stump through grinding is fast and not labor-intensive. Stump removal can be faster because this only needs to pull roots from the ground but it’s a more complicated process.

- Loophole

In the end, no gaping hole is left in stump grinding. On the other hand, a large hole is left that needs to be filled.

- Good for you

Stump grinding is environment friendly and stump remains are best for mulching. However, it is not best to bring children to the working site, it can be dangerous. Stump removal is complicated and requires expensive machinery.

So, that’s why people opt for stump grinding through the grinder. Do not worry about finding a professional for stump grinding. We get the job done for you in the right way.

Fast & Efficient

Safe & Secure

Environmentally friendly

Low cost

Is it not a big deal to leave a stump in the ground?

You must have heard that stumps will decay naturally, but it is a very long process, maybe it takes at least ten years. After some period of tree cut, stump starts becoming the hub of home damaging pests and insects like carpenter ants and termites.

Also, these can spread to other plants and can’t leave your garden healthy.

Other points you must want to know:

Why hire a professional from us?

An authentic source to get service

We are TrädgårdSmart, a certified e-commerce handle, with the professionals having licenses that give services at its best to satisfy the customers. We serve everyone whether you are an individual, company, or tenant association, or authority.

Free professional advice

Sometimes you want to remove a stump but could find how and through which machinery you should say to get service to hire a person. Do not worry, with us you can contact us to get free professional advice.

Free home visit

Is it possible that an expert comes to your home to visit the stump site? Yes, it is. Book an appointment and an expert like Robert visits your home to give you the best service. Book an appointment for the site inspection.


Our services are affordable and we always give you a quote before starting work. So, there is no need to worry about price changes in the end for the same work. Prices also depend on the type of ground (rocky or not), type of stump (complex root system), and diameter of the stump.

To estimate price check out our page in Swedish, pris stubbfräsning.




Bottom Line

Removing stumps makes your lawn a beautiful and peaceful place. In both choices, stump removal and stump grinding, stump grinding is the most recommended. Doing it yourself will be costly and laborious to you. Hiring a professional from us that gives you expert advice and do a site visit to give a quote before start working and dispose of the waste garden after work, then enter some details to make the wise decision to get rid of your stumps.

Hedges and bushes removal

For keeping your lawn safe and smoother, we remove hedges and bushes without digging your ground. This will be done with hedge milling and bush milling.

How much is a stump removal?

Listed prices are after tax deductions on labor costs. Price for stump milling can be affected by other factors and circumstances. We always leave a price quote before the work begins.

  • First tree stump 1,4900 kr

    Max 70 cm wide including roots

  • Wider stumps > 70 cm 120 kr/dm
  • Several tree stumps Från 300 kr

    The price picture varies based on the width of the stump.

Fast process of booking​

The booking process is very simple. Even if you are a person doing it the first time you find the process short that saves your time.

  1. Choose the services you want, either want advice or stump removal.
  2. Select the preferred date and time.
  3. Add contact details.
  4. Double-check and we are getting ready for you.

Stump removal with stump grinding service

Customer satisfaction

For providing you the best services, our experts believe in good communication and cooperation. We love hearing your thoughts and answering your questions.

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Most frequent questions and answers

You can remove the tree stump by doing it by yourself. Read our article and guide in Swedish Få bort stubbar och rötter själv.

On the other hand we highly recommend our stump removal service instead. It saves your body and time.

You remove bush stumps in same way as you remove tree stumps.

Do it yourself it’s very time consuming so we recommend our service stump grinding instead.

You can remove small tree stumps yourself, but we recommend our service instead. It goes faster and you also get rid of the roots.
Stump grinding is the fastest and most convenient way to get rid of stumps. Hire TrädgårdSmart professional stump grinder service today.

Our prices starts at 1,490 kr after tax reduction (RUT).

Do not worry about that, we do it for you with our professional service.